19 May 2005
Good afternoon, Carrix
I am a lot more used to the machine now, and don't feel I need
two extra hands. Please remember that I bought the Carrix
as I could no longer carry a backpack. This means that when
the going is to steep, or the rocks too big or too loose, I cannot
put the sac and Carrix on my back. Accordingly, where the
guide book says the Camino stage is unsuitable for cyclists and
they should take to the road, so do I, walking on the left towards
the approaching traffic. Mostly this has been quite all right with
just a few scares. My book warns of the road section after Astorga
as being dangerous, with two pilgrims killed there in the last
few years, so I'll be careful. Going up a slight hill, on the flat
or going down hill, the Carrix is wonderful. Once I pulled off
the road and up a very steep set of steps to go to the WC in
the trees. As I finished it started to rain and after I'd put on a
poncho the clay was as slippery as ice. I disconnected the
Carrix and pushed it down into the ditch, then used the two
Carrix arms as sticks to walk/slide down the slope. That was
easily my hardest test, and the solution was most effective.
Many people have been interested in the Carrix, especially
older ones, so it would not surprise me if some of those people
become your customers in the future. I have reports that there
are another two Carrix in use within a few days of me. One,
a French man, was in a village the same hour but I did not
see him. We are distinctive. One of my friends saw me by
bus from nearly 1 km away.
The harness I find has several weaknesses.
For a really long walk, there is not enough padding.
The padding on the waist straps is not quite long enough.
There should be a back strap (similar to the chest strap).
Every time the Carrix is disconnected or connected, the harness
needs to be adjusted. In my opinion, it should be a frame,
like the harness of a backpack.
It would have been a lot easier for me at the beginning had
there been instructions included. I spent nearly three hours at
Alticoop understanding it, packing, then attaching the sac to
the Carrix. I walked for several days in France with the
connecting links hanging beside me instead of slightly behind
my hips, and suffered swelling and discomfort as a result. Of
course, it was the swelling that caused me to rethink the
harness, but instructions would have avoided the problem.
Now, no doubt you are disagreeing with me, but remember,
though you designed it and I have used it, I am a user too, so
I ask you to examine what I say in an objective manner. The
Carrix is enabling me to do what I could otherwise not do, so I
am a fan as well as a customer.
John Watson (Nice/France -St Jacques De Compostelle/Spain)
Senior Master
junior school
Trinity Grammar School.